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Resources for Learners:

These online resources are great for practice in between class and tutor meetings.



Reading and English Practice

ABC Fast Phonics

is a free tutorial that uses cartoons and sounds with audio narration and clickable words to teach phonics.  These pages were created to make it easy and fun for new readers -- children or adults -- to navigate through the lessons.


is an app available for Apple and Android.  The app offers a variety of games to strengthen vocabulary.  This app is accessible to those beginning to read and those learning English.


is available through membership to the Montgomery County-Floyd Regional Library.  You can check out eight audiobooks a month.  An app version of this website is also available.

GCF Learn Free

is an interactive site that includes a variety of engaging types of content, including word study and readings.  This site is wonderful for both beginning readers and those learning English.

* Learning English instructions available in Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and Korean

Digital Literacy and Computer Skills

Typing Club

provides lessons on how to use a keyboard and how to increase your typing speed.


allows you to practice the essential skills that you will need to successfully take the GED test by computer.

*Spanish translation available

GED Practice

4Tests- GED Practice

provides free practice tests for all GED subjects, as well as, a description of how the GED test will be administered.

Study Jams

provides videos and games that focus on preparing students for the math and science portions of the GED test.


offers a wide variety of online flashcard sets that other people have created.  You can also create your own!  This particular set provides a great basis of important GED reading vocabulary.

Math Practice

Math is Fun

provides free math games to hone math skills based on subject.


offers a wide variety of math tutorial videos from basic skills up to calculus.

*Closed captioning and Spanish translation available