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— Margaret Mead



An educational specialist interviews students, administers skills assessment tests, prepares reports of results, and/or provides case management support/coaching to students and tutors. Approximate time is 2 hours per student for evaluations, on an as-needed basis, and according to your availability.  Educational specialists also can maintain a caseload of students and tutors and communicate at least once/month to provide instructional support and feedback, connect students/tutors to resources, and help students overcome any obstacles to program participation; these duties would involve approximately 2 hours per week.  Tutor training and evaluation training are required, and participation as a tutor is recommended.   Please submit a volunteer interest form.


To volunteer in this area, you must have the interest and time to devote to LVNRV as a consultant in a particular area of non-profit operation. In addition, you must be able to attend board meetings, and participation in appropriate sub-committee meetings is expected. The board meets on Mondays every other month at the Christiansburg learning center at 5 pm. Please submit a volunteer interest form.


To volunteer on a committee, we ask that you assist us with organizing and making our events successful. The time commitment is approximately an hour or two a week for a period of three months. Special events include the Scrabble Tournament, Tutor-Student Recognition Event, and other fund raisers.   Please submit a volunteer interest form.


This volunteer would have a regular weekly schedule (minimum 2 hours per week) at the LVNRV Learning Center. Duties could include answering phones, making copies, data entry, cleaning, and assisting with special projects that focus on your talents and expertise. An outgoing, helpful personality is best for this position.  Please submit a volunteer interest form.


This volunteer could have a regular weekly schedule (minimum 2 hours per week) at LVNRV or a local library.  Duties would include assisting students with llearning basic computer skills and using computer programs and the internet to achieve job-related goals.  A friendly, patient individual is best for this position.  Please submit a volunteer interest form.


Provide one-on-one or small group tutoring in reading, writing, math, computer skills, GED preparation, and English for Speakers of Other Languages ESOL) to help adults achieve their goals.  Approximately 12 hours of orientation and training (in person and online) is required. A minimum 1-year term of service is required. Tutors meet 1-4 hours/week in public locations throughout the New River Valley. During the year, tutors are asked to attend quarterly in-service meetings and complete quarterly and end-of-year/program reports.  Qualifications for tutors include good English skills; a desire to teach an adult; patience and perseverance to assist learners in reaching personal literacy and language goals; empathy and enthusiasm; and reliability to keep records and report to LVNRV in a timely manner.  Click here for more information.