Q: What is Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley?

A: LVNRV was established in 1979 to offer free tutoring in basic literacy and conversational English for speakers of other languages. We became accredited with Literacy Volunteers of America in 1982 and we are now an affiliate of ProLiteracy America, an organization formed from the merger of Literacy Volunteers of America and Laubach Literacy in 2003.

We are a volunteer based program and rely on trained volunteers to carry out our mission. Our central office is located in downtown Christiansburg, and we have tutors in Pulaski, Giles, Radford, and Floyd. Our funding is through grants, local governments, direct contributions from community members, fundraising events, and the United Way and United Funds that serve the New River Valley.

Q: What tutoring programs does LVNRV offer?

A: LVNRV offers four basic programs.

  1. Basic Literacy: The Basic Literacy program provides free, confidential, one-on-one tutoring in reading and writing for adults who need to strengthen everyday literacy skills. Basic literacy tutors work with an adult to achieve his or her literacy-related goals such as learning to fill out a job application or write a check; learning to read a story to a child, an employee memo, or a recipe; or learning to read the newspaper or a book for pleasure. Basic literacy learners become more independent with their everyday literacy needs, develop increased employment and career options, and feel more comfortable exploring life long learning opportunities in their lives.
  2. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): The ESOL program provides free, confidential tutoring in English as a second language for adults with limited conversational skills. Tutoring is conducted individually or in small groups. Students in this program may have goals such as learning how to communicate with a child’s teacher or doctor, communicating with a supervisor at work, or using community services such as the post office and doctor’s office. It is not necessary to know a second language to be an ESOL tutor.
  3. Digital Literacy: The Digital Literacy program provides free, confidential tutoring in basic computer skills. Digital literacy tutors work with an adult to teach concepts such as using a mouse, using a keyboard, creating an email account, writing emails, searching the web, and creating word documents. LVNRV is a  Northstar Digital Literacy Project sponsoring site, which means learners can obtain Northstar Digital Literacy Certificates in eight computer skill areas. This provides a credential for employment or for professional development.
  4. Basic Math


Q: Where does tutoring take place?

A: Tutoring takes place throughout the New River Valley in public locations, such as libraries, churches, and our local offices. New locations are developed as needed.


Q: Who are the "adult learners"?

A: Adult learners are a variety of ages (18 and over), income levels, and backgrounds, with diverse family and job situations. However, they often have many things in common, such as frustrating school experiences, low self-esteem and embarrassment about not being able to read well, and they often have busy lives that can make time commitments to tutoring difficult. ESOL students come to the U.S. from all over the world. They speak a variety of languages and have a wide range of educational backgrounds.