Terrific Tutors!

What a great turnout for September’s tutor training! A special thanks to all the experienced tutors who shared, and a shout out to Vicki Brackett, who offered our tutors her expertise in dyslexia and the Barton materials, and Emma Patterson, who offered tutors the opportunity to benefit from the Power Path student assessment that provides instructional recommendations for different learning strengths and weaknesses. Our next tutor training -- for both new and experienced tutors -- will be Monday, November 18. To register, go to www.lvnrv.org or click here.

Our tutors provide instruction to adults in reading, writing, basic math, English for Speakers of Other Languages, basic computer skills, and preparation for exams such as the GED or U.S. Citizenship test. LVNRV volunteer tutors commit to tutoring 1-3 hours for a minimum of one year. Tutors takes place at public locations throughout the NRV at a place, time and day that is mutually convenient for both the tutor and learner.

tutor training 1.png
tutor training 2.png