SkillUp VT: A Partnership for Employee Growth

We are excited to announce our new initiative, SkillUp VT, thanks to an exciting partnership with Virginia Tech’s Student Affairs and Human Resources! SkillUp VT provides employees with basic skills and confidence to excel in their current roles, meet their career goals, and prosper in their personal lives. LVNRV is providing 2 courses -- English for Speakers of Other Languages and Basic Computers & Money Management -- on campus 2 hours/week for eligible employees of Student Affairs. Employees are paid for their time in class if the class meets during their regularly scheduled hours. Thank you, Virginia Tech, for your hard work and collaboration to make this employee adult basic education initiative possible! And thank you to the employees who are participating as learners in this pilot project! SkillUp VT is an outgrowth of our Skill UP NRV initiative.

SkillUp VT_web2.jpg